In order to maintain a safe container and make the festival more juicy and enjoyable we will have the following agreements during the festival:


  • Confidentiality: Not disclosing any individual's identities, stories and experiences during and after the event. We can talk about our own experiences without including the others. 

  • Safe Sex practices: This event explores conscious sexuality. As adults, we agree to be responsible and respectful with ourselves and in our interactions with others. We will be using clear direct verbal communication and safe sex practices throughout the festival.

  • Interactions between participants and facilitators: There are two main views in this issue. One says interaction between participants and facilitators is strictly not allowed. This is mainly due to the power dynamics and nature of the trauma work. The other view says we do have these power dynamics also out in the world, we are working on the conscious sexuality area, prohibitions create shadows, thus love should not be regulated in any way. We have facilitators sharing each of these views in this festival. We will be talking on this issue at the opening ceremony.

  • No violence: Not giving harm to myself, anyone or anything.

  • Not rescuing: Letting people go through their own processes. Not intervening unless they ask for support.

  • Being on time: Showing up on time for the workshop that you intend to participate

  • 100% responsibility for your own happiness, for the nature of your experience.