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We intend to create this festival as a heart-based, conscious event to let the tribe celebrate love & eros and let the newcomers have a taste of the bliss brough by sacred love & eros in a totally safe and conscious environment.


To create this safe and conscious environment, we set up some boundaries which applies to everyone taking part in the festival including the participants, the assistants, the facilitators and the organizers. We will be using the word “Attendee” to describe those four groups altogether hereby.




  • By joining, Attendees agree to abide by these boundaries.

  • By joining, Attendees agree that they are mentally and physically healthy to attend a festival exploring eros and in case of doubt, to consult with professionals before joining and to inform the organizers about it.


Self Responsibility


  • Attendees are responsible for their own health and well-being during the festival.

  • Attendees take full responsibility for the nature of their experience. That means taking responsibility for their own emotions and feelings and does not mean tolerating any unsolicited act of others directed to them. 

In case of breach of below boundaries regarding Interactions, Mood-altering Substances and Recording, attendees involved will be taken out of the festival without any refunds.


  • We celebrate Love & Eros! On the other hand, in order to keep the environment safe for everyone, the team, namely organizers, facilitators and assistants will not enter into erotic or sexual interactions with the participants.


Mood-altering Substances

  • Although we acknowledge the healing power of all medicines, mood-altering substances including alcohol and drugs will not be consumed during the festival.




  • Attendees shall not take photos and videos and record voices during the festival.




  • Professional photographers will be assigned during the festival. If an Attendee doesn’t want their pictures or videos to be published, it is their responsibility to communicate this with the assistant(s) assigned for this purpose until the end of the festival.




  • Attendees agree to not diclose any individual’s identities, stories and experiences during and after the festival. They can talk about their own experiences without including the others.




  • Attendees agree not to give harm to themselves, to anyone or anything.


No Intervention


  • Attendees agree to allow other attendees to have their experience and not to intervene unless they ask for support. This includes not giving unsolicited advice and not giving touch and hugs that has not been requested.




  • Attendees agree to show up on time for the workshop that they intend to attend. Doors will be closed after a workshop starts.


Attendance to Advanced Workshops


  • In order to attend some advanced workshops, it may be required to take a basics workshop to be presented at the festival.




  • Attendees may smoke only in designated areas. This applies to also electronic cigarettes, vaping devices, pipes, cigars, snuff or chewing tobacco.


Nudity & Intimate Touch


  • In some of the workshops, there may be optional nudity and intimate touch. Consent, healthy boundaries and healthy communication lie at the heart of this festival. Attendees are always at choice and decide the extent they wish to participate.


Compliance with Domestic Legislation


  • By joining, Attendees agree to abide by all the legislation in force in Turkey.




  • Pets will not be allowed at the venues during the festival.


Organizational Changes


  • Organizers reserve the right to change the schedule, the facilitators, the workshops, the venue, the fees and these boundaries at any time without previous notice, exercising due diligence.




  • In cases of breaches of the boundaries regarding Interactions, Mood-altering Substances and Recording, attendees involved will be taken out of the festival without any refunds.

  • If Attendees breach other boundaries, organizers reserve the right to take them out of the festival without any refunds.

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