Buddhi Dana

Buddhi Dana is a man of the heart who is walking the tantric path
for the last 20 years.

A spiritual leader, skillful temple priest, sexual therapist, ISTA facilitator
yoga teacher, DJ, and a vessel for divine energy.

Buddhi Dana is rooted from youth in the Osho path as well as in the wisdom of the traditional Tibetan Tantra, yoga, the path of the Zen and the path of the Tao.

Buddhi Dana is a powerfully gifted man with a natural ability to reach deep into the hearts of others and to lead them peacefully into the present moment.

He is a community leader and the co-founder of the sacred sexuality community in Israel.

Buddhi’s vision is to awaken people's strong sexual energy and allow for embodied beings to take on leadership while connecting to the emotional, spiritual and the sexual body. This will make way for a new generation of beings with love and respect for their fellow human beings and for the whole planet.

Buddhi love to say, 
"Love one another and raise the frequency of the whole world".  

Buddhi's workshops