Image by Dainis Graveris

Cock Engineering


How is your cock today? What about the man who's attached to it?


I can tell you a few things about cocks that you did not know.  I know how to masturbate to gain 1 or 2 cm. I know what your needs and desires are, despite the fact that you have hidden them deep in your happily ever after life.


Often the cock is not a problem, but the man and his bigger sexual organ: the brain! What could that be? Conditioning, shame, hiding your own desires, not standing in your masculine power, pain from the past, rejection, disappointment, love. Yes, love too.


Who's in charge of your penis? You? Or your partner? Who is the boss over your sexlife? 

Sometimes the problem with disfunctioning cock is much less complicated. The pipes. Nothing more, nothing less. In both cases the cock engineer is to the rescue. With expert guidance and "hands on" treatment you can enjoy your cock and sex life again. More than you could ever have dreamed of.

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