Fictional Character

Death and Devotion


What do you want most in your life? If you found out you were about to die, what would you regret? What would you be inspired to do or say? This workshop explores the deep realms of death and devotion. We will enter the realms of ritual and role play to help us get to the essence of who we are, what we want, and what is most important in our lives. When each moment is precious, we interact with life with presence and devotion. Death is one of the greatest teachers to help inspire gratitude and to put life into perspective. Allison Avalon is an Ordained Minister, a death coach, a Hospice (US Death Support) caregiver, meditation teacher, and death and rebirth ritual facilitator. She found her way through chronic depression and illness by facing the fear of death, embracing her greatest truth, and aligning her life in sacred service.