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Desires of the Goddess


This Goddess ritual is all about finding, claiming and super-charging your deepest dreams and desires. You will go on a journey of being witnessed and having your desires mirrored back to you in a cocktail of pleasure. This is a powerful way to manifest your dreams and desires.


The manifestation will happen in a safe space together with sisters that will hold you and give you the consensual touch you mostly desire – it can be soft and gentle, delicious and sensual, juicy and sexual, wild and primal or any other way that you want.


You will be encouraged to dig deep in the treasure chamber of your heart’s desires. Do you dream of money, epic love, ecstatic sex, having babies, wild adventures or something else…? If you allow yourself fully to dream big and don’t hold back – how would your life look like? Let’s start showing the Universe what you really really want!


Workshop is open for women.

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