Esra  Uyman

Esra Uyman is a metaphysician; working specifically on body - mind - soul integration and human designing. Esra is interested in creating new systems and techniques in her all works. According to Esra's perspective, human is a unique art piece and does not require for a change/revision, the only requirement is to learn how to use human ingredients, then let it shine. 

With this emphasis, she is presenting series of retreats, i.e. "yaşam masalı", "yaşam üstadı", "ölüm", "private relations and tantra","creativity and creation". Some of the techniques she is using in her retreats are "tantra yoga", "ayurvedic walking massage", "observer mind", "esoteric family constellation", "channel meditations", "identities works", "Sufi dance". In her retreats the main goal is to reach out our "naked being". 
Esra is an active writer, periodically writing articles on metaphysics which are being published in an online magazine. Her new book “Cahilin Bilinci” is recently published. 

Since 2010, she has been the instructor of her own.

Esra's workshops