Johanna  Kruusval

I’m a Pussypower coach which in other words means that I’m a women’s sexuality coach. I use the wisdom of Eastern traditions such as Taoism, Tantra, and Sacred Sexuality together with Western teachings of Neurobiology, Psychology, and other methodologies to take my clients and students on a path of embodied sexual empowerment.


Through my lived experience I’ve discovered that sexuality is rocket fuel that can empower my dreams, desires, high genius, heart and manifestations. It holds the biggest creative power there is on the planet as it literally creates life itself. My journey has taken me from sexual trauma into sexual power and I use the power to illuminate my life. It’s a force of nature, it’s life force energy, it is PUSSYPOWER.


I’m in service of Pussy and my mission is to help women awaken their sexuality and unleash their power.


For 15 years I was a leader and manager within the corporate world and for the past 8 years I have been on my own personal transformation journey, entailing studies in Tantra, Taoism, Tantra massage, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism and a one year long training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality to become a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.


On a personal note I am a bad-ass mother who broke free from the conventional box and created my dream-life being a digital nomad, a happily ever after-divorcee, a Tantric Goddess, a kinky sex slut and a pleasure-loving creatrix. Oh and I’m also a chef who loves ALL about the erotic pleasure that food can bring…

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