Kamille  Rasmussen

Born 1970. 2 grown up daugthers, live by myself in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been teaching movement, zumba and personal training for 10 years. Besides that I have worked as a body therapist since 2006, which includes massage-, fascie treatments and craniosacral therapy. I have worked together with chiropractors, at my own clinic and at a spa, all
with different perspectives to treatment and body awareness.

The way I see the body is holistic. I believe, and have seen over the years, that everything we do in our life reflects in our body.

My tantric journey started in 2010 and since 2015 I have been living,what I belive, is a tantric lifestyle, spiritually and grounded in the belief that I am here to learn. Life is a journey and the things I experience are all possibilities for me to learn how to trust and surrender more and more.

Kamille's workshops