Nathan Marcuzzi

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, my journey began at age 14 when I was introduced to hatha yoga and meditation by my high school theatre teacher, and to authors such as Jiddu Krishnamurti by my father. Eight years later, in 2003, I felt called to deepen my experiences and began exploring variousa venues of spirituality from Kundalini based teachings in Kathmandu, Vipassana trainings in Canada, followed by my initiation in Reiki levels 1 &2 in Northeastern Thailand. I was committed to these practicesfor nearly 12 years at which point they began to feel stagnant. This stagnancy is what ultimately led me towards my current path.


In2015, I felt intuitively pulled to a Tantra festival in Sweden where I was introduced to Breathwork, De-armouring and what I now call a Somagetic Ecstatic Experience. This festival experience not only changed my life’s path, it completely transformed how I viewed life and sexuality. I awoke to the reality that the alignment of one's life force or sexual energy could bring great awakening. I have never felt so empowered knowing that my true essence - my authentic, invariable nature - is within me here and now and that all universal greatness and beauty is accessible at any given moment.

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