Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Presentation of the Body


Our upbringing judges and suppresses our body and sexuality. Considering the sexuality and the body the source of evil instincts, it separates body and soul. And from the opposite pole, sexual symbols boosted by the media, attravtiveness of super models add to that. Finally, under our struggle for looking attractive and sexy, a great self dissatisfaction forms which continously sabotages our ability to love our own body. This feeling moves us away and detaches us from the body. It means also detaching from our orgasmic feelings, our ability to receive pleasure, our happiness, ecstasy and bliss.


How can one who doesn't love their own body finds one to share it? How can we surrender to the body that we secretly do not trust?..


This workshop aims to reconnect to your body, your ability to receive pleasure, your orgasmic feelings, ecstasy, bliss and gushing happiness.

Come with comfortable clothes.

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