Image by Charles Deluvio

Pussy Alphabet


Female sexuality is very complex. You've got to know your ABC!? Yes, the pussy is a great hole of mystery for many people. Yes, women too. Most explorers don't get beyond the infamous Graffenberg Spot (G spot) and clit. So no, pussy alphabet isn't about licking the  alphabet the clit. The pussy has a whole alphabet of interesting places that can make you a pussy purrrr and yourself a pussy whisperer. Think of: cervix, A spot, G spot, O spots, K spot, science of the great 'ol clit. Thinks outside the box too: the breasts of a woman, her ass, neck, thighs and more erogenous zones. Yes, a practical and hands on manual to admire and enjoy women. We talk about the body and the psyche of a woman. This is a guide how to make the woman of your life to cum in waterfalls.

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