Kundalini Yoga Outside

Breathe & Release


We store many traumas at our bodies and spend too much energy & time to keep them frozen since we do not know how to handle them when they are floated. Breath is an enormous tool to melt and heal the blockages. 

During the work we usually do not know what we are releasing -which is good ;)- and after, we feel the lightness and refreshed. This magic practice enables our intentions realized with ease since we are no longer carrying what does not serve us anymore.

Here are some testimonials about the workshop, from the previous Conscious Sexuality Fest:

‘I highly recommend the breath work with Günce. I have Asthma and thought for myself “well, doing a little bit of breath work can’t be wrong for me“. Totally right. But I could never expect what happened at that workshop. After some breathing practices there came emotions…Emotions that were deeply stuck in myself for many years.For more than 10 years I was neither express my feelings nor cry. After 20 minutes of breath work many of these stuck emotions released. We were a group of men. We didn’t know each other very well before that workshop. After it we were holding each other, crying, having a deep understanding for each other, without words.’

‘At the Festival, Günce guided us through an exercise of deep breath release. I felt my emotional pain and sorrow finding expression in my whole body, which made me cry freely. When it was over I felt so much lighter, much more open to the world and happier. It was quite an emotional release in a safe and loving atmosphere.’

‘Breath-work with Günce, took me on an unfamiliar journey. I got on a rollercoaster to inside myself and went down into the depths. It made me realize the blockages and sadness from the past. Allowed me to see what is inside of me and most importantly, to feel and connect with my surroundings even with my eyes closed. I would like to thank Günce for her guidance and creating a safe space’

Waiting for the souls who hear the call, with an open heart and wish to serve.

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