Image by Stavrialena Gontzou

The Art of Sensual Couple Dance


A powerful workshop for singles and couples.


A journey of self-expression through movement.


Letting go of the ideas on how we should look on the outside, and instead diving deeply into how dance makes us feel.


Slowly shedding our layers of uncomfort / insecurities / judgment, stimulating our senses, playing with different energies/roles in dance, and finding freedom to be all that we are in every given moment - a true practice for life. We create a safe space to voice our emotions authentically, first with ourselves, and then with multiple dance partners - allowing ourselves to really see another in their vulnerability, and most importantly, allowing another to see us in ours.


In this experience, we journey through the different energies we can dance to, leaving our comfort zones, trying new things, triggering new emotions within - from the soft, sensual, watery, romantic dance to the firey, animalistic, sexy, seducing and passionate dance. We embody our inner masculine, and our inner feminine, both as leader and follower.

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