Simon's workshops


Simon  Søndergaard

Simon and Cleoh are married and practice the arts of Shibari and Tantra together.

Simon has been a rigger; practicing for more than eight years at Kinbaku Lounge as well as Copenhagen Shibari Dojo (Yukimura Haruki’s teachings). He has been instructor in Kinbaku Lounge. He is also a Certified Tantra Therapist. His “thing” is to melt BDSM, Kink, Kinbaku and Tantra into one game, serving sensuality, vulnerability and the deep desire for connection, submission, and domination.

Cleoh is Simon’s bunny. She is very experienced bunny. Cleoh is clinical psychologist and a sexologist. She points out the mental and physical processes of submission, domination, and other perspectives from which the genuine human intimacy flows. Cleoh is also a podcast host about psychology. During the last year her podcast has been number one on lists in Denmark.

Tantric Ropes

Tantric Domination