Various Indian Spices

Spice Up Your (Sex) Life


Men are tigers in bed, women are faking…. We all know. But why…. I scream louder than when I cum. Why can't we be honest about it? Why can't we have great sex from heart and cock connection or pussy and heart connection? Sex that is a spiritual experience and not a quick 15 minute bite? Sex that inspires you, that nourishes you, that gives you wings? That's all possible. Sex skills workshop offers that opportunity. You can attend the workshop/session on your own or as a couple. What you can expect after the sessions is:

Tigers: – Make women squirt – Have fun with your prostate – Have a full body orgasm – Cum rectally or on your Pspot – Much more energy and stamina in sex – Become a pussy whisperer – Get into your masculine power and live from your masculine core – The art of feedback get hold in bed – Tantric sex – Dirty (fuck) talk – Erotic massage – Pussy massage


Tigresses: – Squirt – Have a full body orgasm – Cervical orgasm – Womb orgasm – Pussy Alphabet – Juicy pussy – Get into your feminine power and live from your fem core – Give feedback in bed – Deep throat – Give a great prostate massage – Tantric sex – Dirty (fuck) talk – Erotic massage – Cock massage – and much more.


Yep, the rabbit hole is deep and wide and has many corridors…. Some lead to beautiful and horny destinations.

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