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The union of vastly different polarities. The intellect and the body. The masculine and the feminine. The all encompassing spaciousness of consciousness and the fiery flow of life within it.


The sexual attraction of a woman toward a man (and vice versa) is fueled by polarity, as they say, opposites attract. This is why we see the cliches of innocent, sweet women attracted to the wild, dark, “biker boys”, and shy men craving the “evil queen”. While gender equality may be great for workplaces, it’s a wet blanket in the bedroom. To create juicy, enticing sensual intimacy, we need the polarity of leading and surrendering. This is often mistaken for taking and being taken. In our work together we are going to explore different ways of playing with power, as we find that consensual power exchange, mixed with some role play often leads to the most amazing kinds of sexual experiences.


When we dare to step outside of our usual identities, and take up new characters playfully, magic happens. In traditional gender roles, men are expected to take the initiative and control, and women to follow and obey, in Femdom, we switch these roles.


Yet it’s easier said than done. So many of the switched role models & sexual scripts in movies, books and porn are harsh, uncaring, unrealistic, and often catering to men’s fantasies of being dominated. Being female and dominant doesn’t always equal being an evil bitch in a latex catsuit and stiletto boots! We also don’t need to become dominant male archetypes to take lead in the bedroom. Domination is a game of intelligence, playfulness and seduction.You bring your own personality, femininity and energy into the game. #SwitchItOn is a space for men to learn new heights of sexual energy and stamina and for women to explore taking the lead and empowering their inner Queen.


Ms Mercury and Iron John are looking forward to sharing practical kink skills to enhance sexual performance and experiences, and practical exercises for partners to explore a range of role plays and ways of turning on their partners.

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Sexual Power & Polarity Play