Sylvi's workshops


Sylvi Tröger

Sylvi has been holding groups for more than 25 years and loves to create social containers where people can express and experience the whole spectrum and potential of their being. Love, respect and acceptance have always been the base of her work.


She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, body and movement researcher. Physiotherapy studies added the scientific knowledge about physiology and body structures behind the art. 

Bodywork and conscious relating are other important parts of her path. 

With backgrounds in different massage styles, Kinesiology and Tantra she is able to provide a wide variety of intuitive bodywork sessions to re-awaken the intelligence of the body. 

With presence and passion, she facilitates individual and collective journeys that focus on the wisdom of the body and on a healthy relationship to sexuality as life energy. 


Sylvi sees herself as a facilitator, inspirer, tool transmitter, assistant, supporter, midwife on the way to authenticity, self-empowerment, self-love, fulfillment, self-responsibility, transformation, vitality, creativity, pleasure and a happy life.