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Swami Dhyan Arham

Has been a passionate meditator for 40 years. The past 20 years he has dedicated his life to train himself in different fields for spiritual growth. He attended his trainings in many different Osho Centers in India, Europe and the United States.

Had been trained on:

- Primal and Tantra Teenage Deconditioning (Premartha & Svarup)

- Transsomatic Dialogues Therapy (Devageet)

- Osho Diamond Breath (Dr. Devapath - Dwari - Bodhi Ray - Shanti)

- Learning Love - Co-dependency (Dr. Krishnananda - Amana)

- Osho Counselling (Svagito - Dwari)

- Family Constellation Training (Part 1 & 2 - Svagito)

- Tantra Love and Ecstacy (Margot Anand)

Swami Arham was a professional basketball coach for 24 years for many teams, mostly for Galatasaray and Turkish national team.

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