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Michal Mayan Don

Michal Mayan Don, A "Sacred Activist" and a facilitator of sexual shamanism sacred spaces.

MA in Gender studies, ISTA faculty. Holds training for group facilitators of conscious sexuality and women's circles, nurtures and leads a tribe of women who bring the wisdom of the circles in Israel.

Initiated and guided by the ancient knowledge of the land of Canaan, by Hberew ancestors and my living teachers. Proud to be a teacher of ISTA's international teaching staff - the Temple Arts School, proud to be a founding member of Ishtar - the Center for the Arts of Love and the Development of Consciousness.

Behind me are many years as a group and ceremonies facilitator and producer at festivals and conferences, my journey of life led me to a deep healing of sexuality and my sacred mission in this life is to pass it on. Ahead me is the intention to connect the world of sacred sexuality to the academic world, the education and health system, and politics. I have completed my master's degree in gender and I am building myself as a bridge that enables dialogue between worlds.

Dreaming and realizing peace on earth.

I am 51. A woman, priestess, friend and mother.

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