Image by Jingxi Lau

The Erotic Foodgasm Experience


Food can be so luscious, erotic and seductive – we just have to slow down and rethink how we relate to it.


What if you related to the goodies you eat and drink in the same way you relate to your lover? A lover penetrates you with his or her physicality and/or energy - I like to think the same way around food. Most people allow food to enter the body without nearly the same awareness, presence, mindfulness, energy and PLEASURE as you would with your lover.


In this workshop we will make exercises that will cultivate exactly that. We will lick, smell, taste, chew, drink, squeeze, play and make love to food and I will guide you into a very non-civilized and mindful way of eating.


 It's going be delicious and luscious!


Next level is to merge pleasure from food with sexual energy. It can bring you extraordinary heights of pleasure and ecstatic bliss and THAT is what this workshop is all about. I’m inviting you to a pleasure-orgie between yourself and FOOD!


If you ever wondered what a foodgasm feels like, there is a big chance you will have multiple ones at this workshop!



The workshop is open for everyone. The practices will be individual.

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