Tiily Timmermans-Welmers

In 1988 I started working as a licenced mechanical trained physiotherapist. After giving birth to my 3 children I felt this big heartopening and realising the body is so much more than a machine, I started trainings in the energetic field and received my craniosacral licence in 2008.

But building our own therapy center and raising 3 kids, had it's toll on our sexual relation. Coming to a point where my hushband and I were both frustrated and still loving each other, looking for a solution or divorce... We discovered the world of tantra massages/workshops, OSHO meditations, TNT and somatic sexuality training (traumarelease) in California. The sexual energy that was released made me realise how important and mind blowing this life force can be, and gave our relation a whole new dimension.  Feeling the calling to inspire the people around me  I joined the sexological bodywork training (IISB)  and for my own inner work ISTA 1 & 2 , both in 2021.

So the last  years, my life changed from a working, non sexual  craniosacral therapist & mom,  into a sexual coach/bodyworker  in a conscious non monagam relation with my hushband, and it feels like all the puzzle pieces are falling together and I am following my soul-path. 


What I learned in my life-journey is...


The importance of feeling... Feeling your own body, your emotions, triggers, your yes and no's... and from that point learning what is good for you, and take care of yourself and the ones around you.


So my workshops will be centered around Embodiement. With the knowledge of the anatomy of the Body. That is where my heart lays and I would love to share with you.


Much love,


Tilly's workshops