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Unleash Your PussyPower


When was the last time you had a conversation with your pussy? Asked her for advice? Listened to her wisdom? Trusting her voice? 


Having an intimate relationship with your pussy is essential for living life as a whole woman.


Yes, that’s right. Pussy is the portal to a fulfilled life!


She is often bold, unapologetic, politically incorrect and she gives the F*CK about adapting and bowing down to the patriarchal ideas of how a woman should be.


Pussy speaks TRUTH.


She holds the key to your creativity, aliveness, pleasure, sexuality and your POWER.


This workshop is all about opening up for a deeper connection with pussy. You will embark on the journey of building a loving intimate relationship with your sacred temple. It will entail inner parts work, connecting to the felt sense, gentle breathwork, energetic releasing and mirror work.


The workshop is open for women. I will guide you through both individual practices and practices in pairs.

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