Valentina Anaam

I met Tantra on Summer 2004 and it was love at first sight!


I had arrived to that retreat full of shame and insecurities and I still remember the triumphal sensation - on the last morning, during the sharing circle - when I heard my voice saying out loud: "Guys, I feel like Wonder Woman!". 


Everybody laughed but, really, I had never felt so powerful, and free, and wonderful like during that week.  


That's how, since then, Tantra has become my path and I haven’t yet stopped to explore it and learn it from the best schools and teachers in Europe, from the traditional lineage of Osho to the modern interpretation of The New Tantra (TNT). 


In my work, today, I combine all of this with my 20 years' education on my other path of power and freedom: the Inner Critic training.  


In time, I've also become a Systemic Coach, a Counselor in Psychosomatics and Human Development and a Certified Facilitator of the Awareness Intensive Zen Retreats called "Who am I?". 


And in Italy I have founded my Tantra School, IoVivoTantra, which on 2021 has celebrated its first graduates, after an intense one and a half year's training.


All of this is to say that, yes, there's been so much water under the bridge - since that morning in Summer 2004! 


And lots of blood, sweat, tears, love, laughters, moans, orgasms... (oh, those!)


But eventually what brings me here is still that Wonder Woman-like feeling, and my intention to pass it to you.


Wanna try? :-)

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