Image by Jan Kopřiva

Wisdom of the Breasts

The breasts are a very special part of a woman’s body. They are an expression of womanhood, motherhood, nurturing and love. Breasts are also givers of mother’s milk, and the deepest expression of the heart quality. In our culture breasts are mostly seen as “sexual objects” for men, but first and foremost they belong to you. They are very important for your health and well being. Many women don’t know much about their breasts and do very little to care for them. They are mostly concerned with what their breasts look like. And in 80% of the cases, they are not satisfied. Breasts have to be perky and large, but then again, not too large. They get to be locked up in tight bras all day long and are not allowed to relax and ‘hang in there’. Meanwhile, toxines build up in the fat tissue and breast cancer numbers grow every year. So what can women do? The answer is simple: let’s love our breasts. During this workshop you will learn how to connect with your breasts and how to take care of them. So your health and well-being can increase.